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weareweird's Journal

We Are Weird
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Welcome to We Are Weird!
(aka, Lucy & Sarah Investigate or Sarah & Lucy question life).

This journal is written and maintained by Sarah and Lucy. We're two 21yr old females from Oxford, who spend far too long on the phone, running up hideous phone bills. Granted, these phone bills.

The basic idea of this journal is to document the strange things that we talk about and discover. You may not (and probably wont) find this as interesting as us, but no-one said you had to read. You may (and probably will) be offended by some of the content, which we assure you is not our intention, but don't complain - close the window. If you disagree with anything we say, or have something you feel you could add, then please don't hesitate to comment and let us know.

Just so you know...
  • trepidity - Lucy, 20, female, Aquarius, single, laughs a lot, creative, bored, has 2 dogs, argues a lot, loves webdesign, on MSN all of the time, wants to find love, doesn't trust men, has a website, says inappropriate things at inapropriate times, loves people, feels guilty a lot, wants to be a sociologist.

  • meetmiya - Sarah, 21, female, Libra, (you can add some more!)
Thanks for reading!
- Lucy (& Sarah). xx <3